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Hot Guys!

The Dynamic Duo of American Idol. LOL. I love these guys. Blake Lewis and Chris Richardson of American Idol Season 6. They’re my favorites. When I say favorites, I don’t necessarily mean that I think they would win the competition. All I’m saying is that, they’re so damn hot! Yeah, they may not have the best vocals but I find myself looking forward each week, excited to see how they do. They’re really talented! Sexxxyyyy too! So I compiled their performances from American Idol. I really really hope they’d do well and stay longer in the show so I could still see them and watch what they have to bring to the stage. I love that they’re bringing something new each and every week in their performances. Oh, and did I mention that I think they’re so darn cute and sexy? Hehe. Click on their pics to go to their pages. Go guys!


“The BeatBoxer”



“The Hot Geek”







2 Responses to “Hot Guys!”

  1. Debbie said

    Oh yeah they’re hot. But I prefer Chris, I’m not into blonds. 😉

  2. jon said

    one of the hottest guys on the net!’

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