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Sergio Mendes

Posted by imogen on March 23, 2007

sergio_mendes_main.jpgSergio Mendes is a Brazilian Musician who was a member of the group Brasil ’66 together with Lani Hall. Mendes was probably the biggest Brazilian star in the music scene, enjoying immense popularity worldwide and performing even in the White House.I love the music of Sergio Mendes. Great melodies, great lyrics, and great vocals to go along with it. I think their music can really connect with their listeners. It has that special quality to it, that allows you to relax, love, and appreciate music at it’s best. Below, I listed 3 of their songs that I like best. Personally, when I listen to these songs, I’m being dragged back to the past (in a nice way), and I find myself reminiscing the old times. Their music is timeless, and doesn’t fade with time.

1) What Do We Mean To Each Other
2) Never Gonna Let You Go
3) Take This Love


One Response to “Sergio Mendes”

  1. Jules said

    I agree about Sergio mendes. I was 15 when I first heard them, and their sound arrangements were truly unique and refreshing. I want to track down the lyrics of a little song called Salt Sea, on the crystal illustions album I believe. If you know it please email at

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