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Lauren Christy

Posted by imogen on March 4, 2007

christy1.jpgLauren Christy is a singer and songwriter born in London, England. She’s one of the female singers that I like. I’ve only listened to three of her songs, and I love them. Check them out (click on the titles to listen to them and to view their lyrics):

1) Steep – this song is about a woman falling out of love with a man. It doesn’t feel right anymore and she can no longer lie about her feelings. She wants to end the relationship because looking down the road, she sees her future with him is getting steep.

2) Color Of The Night – this is a sad song about love and pretense. The woman is begging for his man to open himself up to her, show his true feelings. They’re together physically, but emotionally it seems like they’re worlds apart. And because of that, she feels lost and doesn’t know where to stand. He’s hiding behind the color of the night.

3) Vanessa’s Father – actually, I don’t really get the message of this song. At least I’m not so sure I grasp the meaning behind it. But I think it’s about a girl who had an affair with an older man (Vanessa’s Father), and married him in the end. Is Vanessa her friend, though? I don’t know. But anyway, I do like the melody of this song, and it’s kinda different in the sense that it’s kinda like, more of a story than a song. So there.


One Response to “Lauren Christy”

  1. Anon said

    Vanessa was Laurens best friend at stage school

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