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Only Friends

Posted by imogen on February 23, 2007

This song by The Lettermen caught my attention when I heard it over the radio one day… I love the melody and the sadness that the song conveys… I can’t help but feel sad whenever I listen to this song… it’s basically a song for those who are broken hearted… Click here to download or listen to the mp3 version.

Time, only time can erase the memory of our love
And all those dreams that won’t come true
Yesterday I walked the streets
Today I ran in disbelief
From the memory of losing you

Yesterday, when we were young
Our love was new and we had fun
Playing games and wond’ring what to do
Now yesterday is gone for me
And all I have are memories
Of loving and then somehow losing you

Sometimes I let my mind
Drift endlessly and in the wind your face I see
Smile gently as you turn the past
But the love that I once had for you
Is gone and so’s the meaning too
I guess it really never had a chance to last

And if in your mind someday
You see me running through your memory
Don’t be afraid to turn and look my way
coz I’ll be there for just a while
To catch the sunshine of your smile
To last me for another day…
And if someday some new love asks
About your loves, about your past
Please tell him you and I were only friends.


2 Responses to “Only Friends”

  1. Sawing Alitaptap said

    I wish that you could share another version of this song ONLY FRIEND by the MOTHER LOVE. This is a more romantic version it sure gonna make you shed a tear thinking of the past love you never had. I been looking for this versaion of this song for years.

  2. nards p. pabilona said

    the song is really good, but wait till you hear the version of Mother Love? thanks

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